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Meet the Swamp Men at Billie Swamp Safari,
featured on Nat Geo WILD!
ed Ed Woods
In 1992, Ed started working for the Seminole Tribe of Florida and has been with Billie Swamp Safari since its creation (February 1993.)  While at Billie Swamp Safari, Ed has been behind the creation of many of the tours and programs offered to the public.  [more]

Shea Hayley
Shea was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  He was raised by his mother and sister in a house near the beach.  He has been interested in reptiles and animals as far back as he can remember.  [more]

paul simmons

Paul Simmons
In 1982, the Seminole Tribe of Florida acquired land in Tampa and built a Seminole Village. Paul went to work helping build that village. After the village was completed, there was only one job opening - and it was alligator wrestling/handling. With no other job prospects in sight, he eagerly took the job and was taught by James Billie (former Chairman of the Seminole Tribe) how to handle an alligator. Along with that job he also had to learn how to handle venomous snakes and perform shows. [more]

matt Matthew McLean
Matt was born in Ashland, Ohio and lived there until the age of four.  His family then moved down to Florida where his dad was raised.  Matt’s mom and dad took him camping quite often which gave his dad the opportunity to show him how to survive in the swamp. [more]

Cory Wilcox
Cory is a member of the Seminole Tribe of Florida and was born in Ft. Pierce, Florida. He grew up on the Big Cypress Seminole Reservation and also spent a lot of time on the Brighton Seminole Reservation. In 2003, Cory began working for the Big Cypress Hunting Adventures as a hunting guide. He says nothing is better than spending time with his family while hunting in the woods. [more]

Ray Becera

Rey Becera
Rey has always worked with wildlife and became an animal trainer when he settled in the United States.  He is also a licensed general falconer.  He has been employed at Billie Swamp Safari since 1997. [more]


Lawrence Settel
Lawrence was born and raised in Hollywood, Florida along with his brother and sister.  Lawrence has been volunteering for many years at various animal/wildlife care facilities.  He was even a volunteer at Billie Swamp Safari until recently – when he was officially hired as a guide. [more]

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